The Community

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Welcome... and glad you found us!

Please Note:

We have often thought of ourselves as a 'perpetually restarting community'.
While there are always shorter and longer term residents who call it home,
some have lived here without fully understanding what we're truly about.

Life here can be challenging at times, but also quite rewarding and yes -- fun!
especially for those who are seeking personal and collective growth,
are willing to engage deeper self-inquiry, group sharing,
and seeking solutions to some of
society's current problems.

That being said, we are still cleaning up our own existing infrastructure,
re-establishing internal priorities and commitments,
while quickly regaining external momentum.

You're welcome to contact us at any time with
questions, inquiries, or comments.

Thanks for dropping by, and we look forward to hearing from you...

... especially if you're an experienced communitarian
looking for investment opportunities! :)

(Latest Revision 11/1/23)